Max Lange, Lena Ellie

Dark Raven

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New Tattoo Technology
The new revolutionary inkster tattoos can be applied like stickers, but are absorbed into the first layer of skin.
Even Easier Application
Applying the Inkster tattoo is done in 1-2 minutes. If you need help, we made a video for you.
Water Resistant

Since your Inkster tattoo is absorbed into the first layer of skin, water cannot harm your tattoo.

Natural Ingredients

To protect your skin, our ink is plant-based with natural ingredients.

Lasts 1-2 Weeks

Your Inkster tattoo will be visible for 7-10 days depending on where it is on your body.

At your home in a few days!

🇪🇺 EU

  • 3-6 business days

  • Cost: €3.70

  • Free shipping from 33€

🌎 International

  • 3-10 business days

  • Cost: €3.70

  • Free shipping from 33€

Easy returns within 2 weeks.

Inkster New Technology Tattoo
Revolutionary 2-week tattoo with your design ✅
Fully compostable packaging ✅
Instructions printed on the packaging

For your revolutionary 2 week tattoo from Inkster, all you need is the tattoo, which will be delivered to your doorstep. Instructions on how to apply the tattoo are on the tattoo packaging. Don't worry, it's that simple, nothing can go wrong!

Dark Raven
14,00 €

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