Founder Story

Founder Story | Inkster

California, USA

How do we find the right motive?

Straight from the Jungle

Jagua Fruit

Founder Story | Inkster
Founder Story | Inkster

Back in Germany

We started with work right away

Check this

Inkster goes Instagram

Founder Story | Inkster
Founder Story | Inkster

The main office

Melvyns student dorm

First try outs

With our friends!

Founder Story | Inkster
Founder Story | Inkster

Tinker hours

The first tube design

Happy and proud

Our biggest achievements

Founder Story | Inkster

Our Values


We are open for any kind of advice and always thrive for a better product and supply chain. We believe that with openness to everything and everyone you are able to expand your horizons and reach perfection. 


Despite all the serious work, we try to do everything with joy and love. Because without joy and love, you don't identify with the things you do. Life is better with a real smile on your face!


Because we love nature and want to build a sustainable company, all our activities have the goal of being as sustainable as possible. We are aware that we still have a lot of potential for improvement and we will never lose sight of this. 


Being passionate about the things you do creates a whole different approach to everything in the world. With this passion we want to give each of you a unique experience with our temporary tattoos and ignite this passion in you!