Before Applying Inkster Tattoos


Everything you want to know about the application process.

It’s super simple! Just click here for an instruction video or follow the steps below.

1. Peel off the entire backing of the cutted design carefully.

2. Stick it to your favorite hairless spot. Choose wisely!

3. Ink yourself by filling all uncovered skin areas entirely with gel from the tube.

4. Watch your fingers! The gel will stain them.

5. Leave your tattoo without smudging for 90 minutes.

6. Remove everything & gently wash the area.

7. You're done! Your tattoo will develop in 24-36 hours.

It takes 24-36 hours for it to become completely dark.

If after 36 hours there is still nothing to see, please write to us at and we will help you.

No, no needle is used. The only thing that might hurt is pulling off the design. It feels similar to peeling off a bandage.

You can limit the pain this way:

✅  Remove the hair from the desired area beforehand. 

✅  Hold the skin before you start peeling off the design.

Application Tips

Here you will find tips on how to get the most out of your Inkster Tattoo.

Before you begin

Nothing major - but there are a few things to keep in mind 🤓

✅  Stay as still as possible for the 90 minutes while the ink is on your skin.

✅  Stay hydrated! Drink lots of water.

✅  Apply your tattoo in a comfortable setting with a room temperature between 21-24 ̊C.

✅  Don’t apply your tattoo on areas of the body that will move or crease (i.e. elbow).

Some things to avoid

❌  Avoid scars, moles, and stretch marks.

❌  Avoid areas with dense hair, or shave the area 24 hours prior to application.

❌  Avoid sensitive areas like genitals, neck, face, upper chest, inner biceps, etc. 

Please apply your tattoo where you have little hair. To avoid smudging the tattoo and to make the removal of the design less painful, we recommend that you shave the area you want to tattoo.

If your skin is irritated after shaving, please wait 24 hours before applying the tattoo.

Placement is a large factor in the longevity of your tattoo. Take a look at the diagram on our "How It Works"-page to see the average time tattoos will last on a given area, with both a fresh and faded look.


Choose your placement wisely! You can apply the tattoo only once and you should not move for 45 minutes. 🙃

Yes! Our ink work on all skin tones. 🙃

As the ink reacts with your skin, your skin will turn black-blue within 24-36 hours. First it is light blue, and later it gets darker and darker.